Help Orphans this Dhul Hijjah

Sponsoring orphans is a noble act, especially during the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah. However, have you considered the children who do not receive sponsorship?

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Make your event purpose driven by partnering with Lonely Orphans

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Our mission is to alleviate poverty and sickness in orphans and vulnerable children through shelter, healthcare, education, and sustainable projects.

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We maximise every donation for impact, making smarter and ethical choices so that every child receives the care and opportunities they deserve.

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We collaborate effectively and empower our workforce, ensuring quick and effective aid delivery to orphans and their communities.

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All our initiatives, programmes and advocacy work align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on strategic and impactful support for orphans. Our efforts aim to create lasting change and empower vulnerable communities towards a sustainable future.

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Bridging the Giving Gap

Sponsoring orphans is a noble act, however, have you stopped to think about children who do not receive sponsorship? Learn more about our Fair Distribution Policy where no orphan in our care is left behind.

Gaza Emergency


Gaza is facing an unprecedented tragedy, with over 4,100 children killed in the recent war. Lonely Orphans has mobilised all emergency resources for these children, but more help is urgently needed. Your donation can bring essential aid and hope to these young lives amidst chaos.

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Annual Report 2023: Building Aspirations and Hope


Lonely Orphans serves as a beacon of hope and transformation for orphans, vulnerable children and their supporting communities.