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Bridging the Giving Gap

Sponsoring orphans is a noble act, however, have you stopped to think about children who do not recieve sponsorship? Learn more about our Orphan Guardian programme where no orphan in our care is left behind.

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Let’s see the world through the eyes of the Orphans.

Sponsoring orphans is a noble and geneorus act, however, have you stopped to think about the other chidlren who share the same space and get no sponsorship?

Inequitable funding has remained the biggest challenge for Lonely Orphans, and after 10 years of supporting vulnerable children, we want to transform the way children recieve support.

Vulnerable children form strong bonds with each other as a support mechanism. These social bonds need to be recognised and maintained to ensure they reach their full potential.

Just like any other children around the world, they find stability and comfort within themselves.

By moving away from just supporting individual orphans and focusing on bigger solutions, we can make real positive changes. These changes won’t only help one child, but also whole communities.

This way, we can create a friendlier and more helpful environment for orphaned children to do well.

Instead of only helping one child at a time, we’re looking at larger plans to build things that will last for orphaned kids. These plans go beyond just basic help.

The escalating crisis in Gaza, resulting in a tragic increase in child fatalities, demands immediate attention.

Lonely Orphans urgently appeals to the international community for a swift and lasting ceasefire. This vital step is essential to enable hospitals and humanitarian organizations in Gaza to operate effectively and save lives. We stand committed to ending this crisis and urge global cooperation for the sake of the innocent lives at stake.”

Meet some of our top achievers from the Kutupolong Orphanage in Bangladesh

Mohammed Omar, 7yrs From Burma/Bangladesh

At the age seven, Omar lost his father to illness. Healthy himself, he aspires to be a memoriser of the Qur’an and a teacher, eager to share his knowledge, experience  and passion for the Qur’an.

Mohammed Omar wants to Teach Islamic Studies! You can help Omar reach his life goal.

MD Kaiser, 9 years old Burma/Bangladesh

Nine-year-old Kaiser, who lost his father to the ongoing conflict in Burma, lives with his mother as refugees. Despite hardships, he’s dedicated to becoming a doctor to help others diligently studying to fulfil his dream.

Mohammed Kaiser wants to be a Doctor! Help fulfll his ambition to heal others.

Md Hashim, 10 years old Burma/Bangladesh

Ten-year-old Rohingya refugee Hashim, orphaned by his mother’s natural passing, lives with his father. He’s committed to learning so he can deepen his knowledge to teach others and spread knowledge.

Mohammed Hashim wants to be a Teacher! Help fulfll his ambition to heal others.

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