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About Us

Lonely Orphans (charity no. 1711230) empowers orphan children and their families with the tools needed to make positive changes to their lives.

Lonely Orphans has been working with the Rohingya people since 2013. Dubbed the most persecuted ethnic group on Earth, we have helped thousands of vulnerable women and children with emergency food, shelter, medicine, education among many other amenities.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission is the relief of poverty and sickness, as well as the advancement of education for orphans and their families throughout the world, in particular but not exclusively, through the provision of accommodation, support, food, medical treatment and education.

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How we support for refugees

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Building Stronger Kids with Better Education

We at Lonely Orphans believe that every child should have access to an education. Learning in an environment where they feel safe and happy. Each school can accommodate up to 100-150 children, providing them a free education with free resources and uniform. This is giving the children and the community hope for their future.

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