Lonely Orphans Successfully Delivers Air Aid Cargo to Gaza with OPS Ihsan Malaysia
January 7, 2024

In an extraordinary display of international collaboration and efficiency, Lonely Orphans, in partnership with OPS Ihsan and a coalition of NGOs, has successfully delivered critical aid through the Air Cargo Mission to Gaza from Malaysia. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in the ongoing humanitarian efforts in the region.

Rapid Response and Effective Coordination

The successful delivery of the Air Aid Cargo to Gaza in just two days is a testament to the careful coordination between the Malaysian government and Egyptian government and the coalition of NGOs, including Lonely Orphans. This speedy and efficient response highlights the power of collaboration in addressing urgent humanitarian needs.

“(The aid to Gaza) has arrived and entered. we have received the report that the shipments have reached their intended recipients as planned,”

Foreign Minister Zambry Abdul Kadir

Vital Aid for Gaza

The aid delivered includes essential medical supplies and other critical items that will provide much-needed relief to the people affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The cargo’s arrival is a beacon of hope and support for those in dire need.

A Collective Effort of Hope and Humanity

This mission symbolizes a collective effort of hope and humanity, showcasing the global community’s solidarity with the people of Gaza. Lonely Orphans, together with its partners, remains committed to providing humanitarian aid and support to those in crisis.

Continued Support is Still Needed

The successful delivery of the Air Aid Cargo is just the beginning. Continued support and assistance are crucial for the ongoing relief efforts in Gaza. Lonely Orphans urges the international community to remain engaged and supportive in this critical time.

“The latest delivery means that a total of 40 tonnes of donated items from Malaysians have arrived in Egypt to be distributed to the Palestinians.”

Ops Ihsan Secretariat chairman Jismi Johari