The Children of Gaza are depending on your support for Winter.

Water & Sanitation

Immediate Relief

Medical Support

The escalating crisis in Gaza, resulting in a tragic increase in child fatalities, demands OUR immediate attention.

In the face of Gaza’s winter and ongoing conflict, the urgent needs of children for food, shelter, and medicine are at the forefront of our War and Winter campaign.

We’re committed to delivering life-saving aid to these vulnerable children, helping them endure the winter. Your support is vital in this mission, providing relief and hope amidst hardship.

Lonely Orphans’ in Gaza is actively involved in a coalition-backed emergency response unit, focusing on children heavily impacted by the crisis. Your help is vital.

80% of the population rely on humanitarian aid for survival.


Lonely Orphans urgently appeals to the international community for a swift and lasting end to the war. This vital step is essential to enable hospitals and humanitarian organisations in Gaza to operate effectively and save lives.

We stand committed to ending this crisis and urge global cooperation for the sake of the innocent lives at stake.

Winter Immediate relief

Our Winter Survival Essentials kit includes blankets, warm clothing and hot meals to keep orphans and children going.


Our Medical Winter Aid Kit provides essential medical supplies, including vital medicine and first-aid kits.

Winter Water & Sanitation

Our Winter Water and Sanitation to orphans and vulnerable children ensures their health, dignity, and survival.

8,800+ children have died since october 2023