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Transforming grief into action: Choose a name. Change a future

Our aim is to shed light on the tragedy that has befallen these innocent lives and to inspire a movement of legacy giving that can transform sorrow into hope and healing for orphans and vulnerable children who are still with us.

We encourage you to gather your friends and family to join this unique and impactful campaign. Together, we can create a collective legacy that honours the memory of Gaza’s children and supports the ongoing efforts to provide care, education, and hope to orphans and vulnerable children.

The Birds of Paradise campaign is more than just a charitable effort; it’s a movement towards a more compassionate and empathetic world where every child is valued and supported. It’s a call to action for anyone who believes in the power of good to overcome the shadows of despair. Together, we can make a difference, one child at a time, transforming our collective sorrow into a force for positive change in the world.

As we reflect on the lives of these children lost, let’s commit to making the world a better place in their memory. All the money raised in this campaign goes directly to supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Gaza.

Remember their names, not just a #number

This campaign is not just about remembering; it’s about transforming our grief into action, our compassion into tangible support for those who continue to live in the shadow of conflict.

This Campaign is 100% Zakat Approved

Zakat, an obligatory act of charity, and is one of the five pillars of Islam. It requires Muslims to donate a specific portion of their wealth and assets to those in need. This act serves as a means to purify one’s wealth and soul, promoting a more equitable distribution of resources and reducing socio-economic disparities.

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Over 17,000 Orphans in Rafah

In the heart of Rafah, a city now teeming with 1.4 million refugees in the Gaza Strip, the poignant stories of orphaned children like Maysaa, 3, and Deema Nasser, 11, highlight the tragic human cost of conflict. These sisters, who lost their family in an airstrike, embody the resilience and suffering of Gaza’s children, now estimated by the UN to number 17,000 orphans. Their life in a makeshift tent, battling the elements and the aftermath of war, paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by the displaced families in Gaza.

Rafah, previously home to 280,000, has transformed into a sprawling encampment, grappling with overcrowding and scarce resources, surpassing the population size of cities like Birmingham. The makeshift living conditions, where a single toilet serves hundreds, and women repurpose tent scraps as menstrual pads, underscore the dire humanitarian situation. The looming threat of famine and further military actions exacerbates the plight of residents, including the Nassers, whose story of loss and survival following the bombardment of Jabalya and their subsequent displacement is heart-wrenching.

Deema Nasser’s vivid recount of the last moments with her family before their shelter was hit highlights the indiscriminate brutality of war. The sisters’ subsequent struggle, now under the care of their elder siblings in Rafah, reflects the broader narrative of loss and resilience among Gaza’s children.

Anaam Hamada’s sorrow over her daughter Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old killed in the conflict, illustrating the personal tragedies that punctuate the landscape of Gaza. These stories of grief, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of the people of Rafah, amidst the backdrop of a city bracing for further conflict, offer a glimpse into the ongoing crisis in Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian aid and a peaceful resolution.

By focusing on the experiences of Gaza’s orphaned children and their families, this account seeks to amplify their voices and shed light on the human toll of the Israel-Hamas war, highlighting the critical need for global attention and action towards the crisis in Gaza.

Immediate Relief

Our Imediate Relief provide hot meals, baby formula milk and essential food pack.

Water & Sanitation

With extreme restrictions and access to clean and safe water, this is a lifeline for orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphan Guardianship

17,000 children have been made orphans as a result of this war, become a guardian with as little as £1 per day

Emergency & Medical

Urgent medical attention can save lives of Wounded Children With No Surviving Family (WCNSF).

Extra Child Support

Our Extra Child Support provides toys and candy to give children a relief from the trauma.