Your Zakat is Empowering Children.

Your Zakat contributions are shaping brighter futures through education, fostering aspirations, and kindling hope.

Nisaab Rates*


(£54.21 per gram)


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We ensure that every penny of your Zakat goes directly to supporting orphans and vulnerable children. From providing educational resources to ensuring basic needs are met, your Zakat is a lifeline for these children.

About Zakat

Zakat, an obligatory act of charity, and is one of the five pillars of Islam. It requires Muslims to donate a specific portion of their wealth and assets to those in need. This act serves as a means to purify one’s wealth and soul, promoting a more equitable distribution of resources and reducing socio-economic disparities

Calculating Your Zakat

The calculation of Zakat is typically 2.5% of your savings and certain types of wealth accumulated over a lunar year. To simplify this process, you can calculate your zakat using any available online calculators and then use our payment here to process your zakat.

How to Read if a Project is Zakat Approved

Look out for this iconic yellow emblem. This signifies that the specific project has been verified to be 100% zakat.

What does it mean if there is no Zakat icon?

All of our beneficiaries are eligable for Zakat, as they are in extreme poverty. Sometimes the icon may not appear, but Lonely Orphans works with the worlds most marginalised communities.

we did it! in 2023 we fed:

Your Zakat is more than just a religious duty; it’s a beacon of hope for those we serve. By contributing your Zakat through Lonely Orphans, you play a pivotal role in transforming lives and building brighter futures.

How is Zakat different from Sadaqah?

While Zakat is obligatory, Sadaqah is voluntary charity given beyond the obligatory Zakat.

Can Zakat be given at any time of the year?

While it can be distributed any time, it is often given during the month of Ramadan for its rewarding virtue.

Who do you send your Zakat to?

Zakat can be given to specific categories mentioned in the Qur’an, including the poor, the needy, those in debt, and travelers.

Is Zakat applicable only on savings?

Zakat is due on various forms of wealth, including savings, gold and silver, investments, business assets, and agricultural produce, provided they exceed the Nisab value.

Can Zakat be used for administrative costs?

Lonely Orphans use a portion of Zakat for necessary costs directly related to the collection and distribution of Zakat. However if you Gift Aid your Zakat we prioritise administrative costs to be taken from the Gift Aid.

What happens if I miss a Zakat payment?

If you miss a Zakat payment, it is still owed and should be paid as soon as possible.