Ramadan Heroes

As part of an initiative to help encourage children get in to practice for fasting we have created the Ramadan Heroes Challenge. With consideration of the unusually long summer fasts making it a bit harder for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we came up with a creative way to help children not to miss out on this religious obligation.

What is the challenge?
The aim is to get your child to fast and get sponsored for each fast they keep as a reward, the sponsorship will got much needed aid for projects by Lonely Orphans serving those in need.

Where will the money go?
The money raised throughout this campaign will go to the poverty stricken, which include predominately the Rohingyan Refugees, as Lonely Orphans over the past few years has built up an incredible network that have unique access to the Rohingyan Refugees in Bangladesh, Burma and Indonesia. For more details on the projects that we have on-going, please visit lonelyorphans.org or email admin@lonelyorphans.org.

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