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‘Together, we are one family.’


We never stand still, or settle for what’s standard. We always strive to improve.

We push ourselves to think differently, challenge existing practices if they can be improved.


We take ownership of our work, both individually and as a collective.

This includes our leadership, our staff on the ground, volunteers and our beneficiaries who depend on our support.


We have a collaborative mind-set and believe we can achieve greater results with partnerships.

Key to this are a spirit of togetherness, a focus on mutual success and a culture of strong communication.

Tone of voice and Language

We Communicate With Heart ♥

How we communicate is important to our beneficiaries and stakeholders, ensuring dignity is preserved where possible.

All our communications should carry the same feel to them – an overall ‘style’ of bright, bold and a clear empathetic tone of voice.

We prefer to use synonyms which align better with ‘Heart-Centred’ communication.

Communicating with heart means that we select language from an emotive word pool.

Maintaining the Clearspace

Our brandmark is a representation of what we do and who we care for. It is a symbol of our vision that strives to champion change in protecting orphans and offering a better way of life.

Our Responsive Logo

Alpha — is the lead primary message embedded within the wordmark and must be preserved.

Never use the iconic ‘O’ from ‘Orphans’ with the host imagery outside its wordmark.

Using the ‘O’ as an inspiration we have preserved the visual circle within the iconic logo.

Graphical Devices

We use the iconic silhouette of a boy as our extended brand identity.

The yellow ‘Spotlight’ we use behind our primary subject to highlight the warmth of Lonely Orphans is behind every orphan and vulnerable child.

Our colour palette is a representation of how Lonely Orphans strives to evolve and champion change in the sector.

We have adopted colours that represent trust and growth in a way that is fresh and contemporary.


Our typography is a feature that is used to draw focus and elevate key messaging. We have chosen full Museo family to showcase how Lonely Orphans is striving to transform and champion change in the third sector.

Supporting Orphans All Over The World

Together we are saving lives.

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